AnnealConditionPickled.jpgKolene® scale conditioning processes make easy work of cleaning the toughest stainless and superalloy products made. Equally effective on titanium and refractory metals, Kolene salt bath descaling quickly converts refractory alloy oxides into readily-soluble compounds.  This means that you can produce bright, scale-free metals faster, with lower acid concentrations and temperatures, all while reducing unnecessary metal loss.

We start with custom-engineered equipment and then add more than 75 years of chemical experience. The end-product is a sole-sourced, customer-specific process line that excels in producing exceptional results with consistency of performance and robust dependability.

From small, unitized systems for precision component cleaning, to large 60-foot salt bath furnaces for long goods, we specialize in providing you with the best available technology for cleaning your product.  Please look over our various systems below, where we describe in detail our offerings for continuous anneal and pickle strip lines, large-scale batch systems for wire product, or our units for long goods conditioning of shapes and pipe.

New application techniques are under development that produce exceptional conditioning results, without the need for a conventional molten salt bath.  Our Scalex® technologies offer numerous quality, economic, and EH&S benefits to the user.  Designed primarily for continuous anneal and pickle lines, it may also be adapted for large alloy components as a “coat and bake” scale conditioner.   Contact us to discuss your application needs.


For alloy wire processing, we offer many flexible designs ranging from small, unitized systems to complete descaling lines. Multiple salt baths, rinse tanks, and associated handling systems can all be integrated in both manual and automated designs.


Kolene can supply units of any size for processing long goods such as tubing, pipe, and other shapes. Our scale conditioning processes are used on all grades of stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, and refractory metals.


Kolene descales all stainless and high alloy steels in seconds. Our unique chemistries also easily handle nickel-based superalloys and even titanium. Let us show you how you can get superior results while reducing unnecessary metal loss and acid consumption.