Kolene offers a variety of specialty formulations, products, and processes designed to assist industry with the challenges of reducing costs and improving quality, while responsibly handling environmental issues.

If you have an idea or need that isn’t addressed in our website, please contact us.  As leaders in the surface enhancement and cleaning technology industry, we are always striving to innovate.  Our Research & Development team welcomes your requests.


Need to treat hexavalent chromium?  Consider Kolene® 6-2-3 Reducing Agent™

Kolene Corporation has developed 6-2-3, a single-step, fast-acting reducing agent. Provided as a powder product, 6-2-3 Reducing Agent is ideal for treating low levels of hex chrome.

Unique characteristics of the product include:

  • performs at alkaline pH levels – no need for bidirectional pH adjustment
  • ideal for low level chromium reduction
  • equally effective on plating waste streams and chromate rinses
  • granular additions by manual or automatic feed
  • Kolene designed equipment can optimize chemistry performance

Please contact us to arrange for a bench-scale test of your waste stream sample at our R&D facility in Detroit, Michigan.

Kolene Metal Cleaning & Brightening Agents:
Kolene® KGC and KLC Cleaning/Descaling Solutions

For metals and alloys, including aluminum, copper, brasses, bronzes, stainless steels, precious and semi-precious metals, “exotic” alloys, and even inlaid/clad multi-metals, Kolene KGC and Kolene KLC provide excellent non-corrosive cleaning and brightening properties.

Benefits of these unique products include:

  • selectively remove light oxide film and scale
  • no substantial effects to base metal
  • practical alternatives to mineral acids
  • ability to remove light soils and oil films concurrently with surface scale/oxides
  • elimination of multiple cleaning stages
  • ideal post-treatments for heat treatment operations to provide luster or brightness
  • effectively removes heat tint or yellowing from stainless steels

Easy to implement, these products are very versatile.

Salt Bath By-Product Management with Kolene® SMS

Kolene offers a comprehensive system for managing reaction by-products generated in our cleaning salt baths during use.  Kolene SMS is a by-product management system that quickly dissolves solidified alkaline sludge removed from molten salt baths during routine bath maintenance. 

Once the sludge is in water solution, the pH and ORP are measured.  If necessary, reducing agents such as Kolene 6-2-3 may be added to reduce oxidizing species such as hexavalent chromium.  The pH is then adjusted to a slightly alkaline value to maximize metallic oxide precipitation.  Kolene SMS reliably adjusts pH, reduces sludge volume, and precipitates heavy metals.  Easily interfaced with any Kolene salt bath system, Kolene SMS is a cost-effective answer to long-term waste management.

Kolene SMS Process benefits include:

  • modifies both rinse waters and sludge by-product
  • removes heavy metals where needed
  • may reduce sludge volume requiring disposal
  • can produce a non-hazardous filter cake
  • treatment benefits for your total plant waste streams

As with all Kolene systems, SMS treatment equipment and chemistries are custom-engineered to your specific application.  Systems are designed to minimize space requirements and operate in semi-automatic or programmable modes.  To learn more about our process, contact us today.