rack-of-stripped-parts-(1).pngKolene® Recover® is a mid-temperature solution used to remove cured paint, powder, and e-coat finishes.  Its advantages include multi-metal compatibility, allowing for a wide variety of components to be stripped with a single process.  The Recover Process does not damage or change underlying surface finishes, which is especially important when removing clear-coat finishes from polished components.  Its operating temperature of about 300°F has minimal effect on metallurgical properties, such as hardness.

Kolene provides commercial processing or jobbing of your reject components at our Detroit headquarters.  Our Recover coating removal services specialize in reclaiming high-value, difficult to strip components for automotive, appliance, building products, hardware, and other industries. For more information about our paint stripping services, please visit Commercial Processing.


Examples of components reclaimed with Recover include:

  • aluminum wheels
  • zinc die castings
  • galvanized steel auto trim
  • aluminum auto trim
  • stripping for metal restoration