fluidized bed stripping b4 after.pngKolene fluidized bed paint stripping systems provide a good balance between stripping speed and economy of operation. The fluidized sand provides rapid workload heat-up, while also acting as a heatsink to help prevent rack damage due to overheating. Typical cycle times are about an hour or less and will depend on the quantity and types of coatings being removed. 

Maintenance stripping keeps racks, hooks, and fixtures clean to provide good grounding and minimize any dirt or debris on parts.  Clean racks promote uniform film build, good transfer efficiency, and high part yield off your coating line.




Kolene fluidized bed stripping processes remove virtually all organic coatings, including:

  • cured liquid paints and powder coatings
  • polyesters and nylons
  • epoxies and hybrids
  • CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) 

Process benefits include:

  • improved finish quality
  • fewer rejects
  • no rack damage
  • better transfer efficiency
  • fast rack turnaaround
  • increased film build uniformity

Kolene fluidized bed equipment is available in both standard and custom sizes to meet your specific requirements, allowing for easy installation and integration into your facility, whether it's a retrofit or new installation.