Kolene offers a broad variety of proprietary process chemicals. Most products are formulated to be used in conjunction with specialized Kolene® process equipment for molten salt applications. We also offer process chemicals for a variety of specialized applications, including oxide removal from select metals, treating hexavalent chromium, etc.

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Chemical reduction of hexavalent chromium in alkaline water waste streams.

Scale conditioning and lubricant removal from titanium substrates.

Versatile descaling compositions for stainless steels, nickel alloys, and superalloys. Removes hot forming and anneal scales as well as residual lubricants such as glass, moly disulfide, etc. Appropriate for batch and continuous anneal and pickle applications.

A broad range of formulations for cleaning sand and investment castings. Offerings include processes for sand and graphite removal from cast iron, ceramics from ferrous and alloy investment castings, and sand and investment residues from aluminum castings.

Proprietary powder organic acid blend used as a general purpose cleaner for brightening and removing oxide from a wide variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, red metal alloys and the like.

Comparable to KGC but supplied in a liquid form for easy mixing and automated additions.

Proprietary descaling formulations supplied in bulk as concentrated liquid solutions. Allow salt additions to be made automatically to high-production continuous anneal and pickle lines. Compatible with conventional bead or solid salt products when used with Koliquid addition systems.

These formulations are used extensively in the synthetic fiber industry to remove solidified nylon, polyester, and other high performance polymers. They provide quick and thorough cleaning of spinnerettes, filter packs, and related tooling while preserving critical physical and dimensional properties.

Formulated specifically to descale reactive refractory metals such as molybdenum and tungsten. Provides rapid and uniform reactivity to produce smooth, clean surfaces.

Versatile descaling composition for stainless steels, nickel alloys, and super alloys. Appropriate for batch and continuous anneal and pickle applications.

Provides complete and rapid paint stripping action for general maintenance of hook, racks, and hangers. May be used in batch mode or Kontinuous™ applications for automated rack stripping.

Mid-temperature catalyzed oxidizing salt for quick and complete removal of carbon and oils from engine components during remanufacture. Very effective in cured paint and powder stripping from a variety of metallic substrates.

Unique, multi-metal paint and powder removal process to salvage defectively-coated components. Effective on e-coat, powder, liquid, and multi-coat finishes. Compatible with ferrous, galvanized, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, and copper alloys. Does not dull highly-polished surfaces.

Kolene offers a complete line of Virgo scale conditioning salts, including Virgo A, Virgo GS, and Virgo R. Used for a variety of metal cleaning applications, Virgo salt products are often specified for stainless and superalloy conditioning, chromium carbide and tungsten carbide removal, and general jet engine hot section conditioning.