Advanced High-Strength Steel

As Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) continue to evolve into ever stronger and valuable materials, the challenge to efficiently descale and pickle them at the mill level also increases.

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Alloy Descaling

Kolene® scale conditioning processes make easy work of cleaning the toughest stainless and superalloy products made. Equally effective on titanium and refractory metals, Kolene salt bath descaling quickly converts refractory alloy oxides into

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Casting Cleaning

Kolene Corporation provides foundries worldwide with specific Kastech® molten salt bath casting

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Engine Core Cleaning & Overhaul

Kolene® cleaning processes for remanufacturing remove 100% of

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Fastener Lubricant Removal

Kolene has been supplying cleaning processes to the aerospace fastener market for

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Flame Spray & Plasma Coating Removal

Kolene® molten salts can quickly and completely remove unwanted

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Glass & Porcelain Removal

Melted glasses find practical uses in a wide variety of hot industrial processes. Once work is cool, a

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Jet Engine Component Cleaning

Kolene® molten salt bath processes are used both during

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Military Applications

Kolene has played an active role in supporting military applications since World War II. At that time, tin was under embargo and in short supply. Essential for manufacturing ships’ bearings, its scarcity threatened the supply of these critical component

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Paint & Powder Stripping

Whether for routine maintenance of hooks, racks, and fixtures or for reclaiming high value reject components, we can provide unique answers to your organic removal needs. Kolene can solve your paint and powder stripping needs with processes that strip cl

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Polymer Removal

Kolene® molten salts can quickly and completely remove unwanted carbide coatings – without base

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Support Products

As leaders in the surface enhancement and cleaning technology industry, we are

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Since the introduction of salt bath nitriding (or ferritic nitrocarburizing) to North America in the 1950s, Kolene has been providing the necessary process equipment.


Since most Kolene® cleaning processes operate at elevated temperatures and are chemically active, they require specialized equipment for proper operation.


Kolene maintains a well-stocked replacement and spare parts warehouse to help us respond quickly to your component needs.  Many parts are off-the-shelf…