Kolene has played an active role in supporting military applications since World War II.  At that time, tin was under embargo and in short supply.  Essential for manufacturing ships’ bearings, its scarcity threatened the supply of these critical components.  Kolene developed the cleaning technology to produce dependable bearings with little or no tin.  This process is still in use today.

In the years since, our processes have found broad use in numerous military manufacturing industries and support arenas:

  • aerospace and airframe
  • jet engine and diesel engine OEM and overhaul
  • ground transport units
  • spars and blades for helicopters



  • stainless steel, titanium, and superalloy oxides and scales

Lube Removal

  • moly disulfide and graphite lubes from titanium and alloy rivets and fasteners
  • solidified glassy lubes and scales from hot forged components

Paint Stripping

  • high performance Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC)
  • specification-grade paints & coatings from aerospace components
  • cured coatings from fixtures, jigs, clips, racks and other tooling
  • salvage of high value reject-coated components (multi-metal capabilities) 

Casting Cleaning

  • removes coring, shell, sand, graphite, scale, and oxides
  • metals including iron, steel, alloys, and select non-ferrous metals
  • prepares cast iron surfaces for brazing, bonding, and babbitting 

Engine Overhaul

  • destroys all organic deposits including carbon, oil sludges, and paint
  • thoroughly cleans all internal passages
  • helps to debond gaskets and seals
  • chemical process – does not mask or conceal cracks or other structural defects

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Alloy Descaling

Kolene® scale conditioning processes make easy work of cleaning the toughest stainless and superalloy products made. Equally effective on titanium and

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Casting Cleaning

Kolene Corporation provides foundries worldwide with specific Kastech® molten salt bath casting cleaning processes. Capable of removing 100% of virtually any

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Engine Core Cleaning and Overhaul

Engine Core Cleaning & Overhaul

Molten salt cleaning processes find broad applications in the cleaning of used engine components in preparation for inspection and remanufacturing. They are unique

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Fastener Lubricant Removal

Kolene has been supplying cleaning processes to the aerospace fastener market for many years. These processes are used to remove forming lubricants 

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Paint & Powder Stripping

Whether for routine maintenance of hooks, racks, and fixtures or for reclaiming high value reject components, we can provide unique answers to your organic

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