Kontinuous™ Inline Paint Stripping

See paint and powder hooks cleaned every pass and at normal line speeds.

Stripping CARC with Kolene Molten Salt

Strip virtually all organic coatings with Kolene molten salt.

Kolene Engine Cleaning

Watch how major engine re-manufacturers clean engine cores prior to inspection and rebuild.

Kolene General Cleaning Animation

Salt bath cleaning system in action cleaning a load of parts and removing the process by-products.

Kolene Aluminum Casting Cleaning

Removal residual ceramics from aluminum investment castings without surface attack or loss of detail.

Kolene® Recover® Paint Stripping Service

Kolene offers a patented Recover stripping service for high-value painted metal components.

Kolene® Kastech® Electrolytic™ Cleaning

Kolene Kastech Electrolytic (K-4E) cleaning removes burned-in sand and surface graphite.

Kolene® Denamel™ Cleaning

Quickly and safely remove porcelain enamel from ferrous substrates. Kolene Denamel is a molten salt process that operates at about 900°F.