Nitriding Unit - BlueEdit.jpgSince the introduction of salt bath nitriding (or ferritic nitrocarburizing) to North America in the 1950s, Kolene has been providing the necessary process equipment.  Numerous improvements and design enhancements have occurred over the years.






Current systems have evolved into complete process lines to perform salt bath nitriding from start to finish.  Common elements now include:

  • prewash stations to remove soils, machining lubricants, etc.
  • preheat ovens to thoroughly dry the workloads and help conserve the nitriding bath temperature
  • single or multiple nitriding salt bath furnaces to meet your production needs
  • integrated molten salt quench bath
  • cold and hot water tanks as required
  • oil dip tanks

The salt bath nitriding equipment is fully hooded and ventilated. Handling systems range from simple manual hoists to fully automated, “recipe driven” systems. System layouts can vary from straight-line, “L”, “U” or “O” rail configurations depending on your requirements.

Kolene also maintains a spare parts warehouse for critical replacement components such as sparging rings, burners, agitators, etc.