KoleneKastechK-4E_SN1074.jpgTo better serve our customers, Kolene offers commercial processing services for select applications at our Detroit, Michigan headquarters.  Processes include Kolene® Kastech® ferrous investment casting cleaning, Kolene® Kastech® Electrolytic™ iron sand casting cleaning, Kolene® Kastech® AL750 aluminum investment casting cleaning, and Kolene® Recover® paint stripping and organic coating removal from high value components.  Benefits of all of our services include competitive pricing, fast turnaround, expertise, technical support, and convenience. 

To contact us about our commercial processing services, call 1-800-521-4182 or send an email to  Once we receive information about your components – such as weight, dimensions, quantities, required turnaround time, etc. – we can evaluate your cleaning needs and provide a quotation.  Sample processing is also available – your only cost is shipping to and from our plant.

Brief descriptions of these services are found below.

Paint Stripping for High-Value Components  Kolene Recover

Kolene Recover is a mid-temperature (300°F - 325°F) organic fluid paint stripping process.  Compatible with a wide variety of metals, Recover can strip E-coat and powder coating quickly and without any base metal attack.  Even highly polished components such as aluminum wheels can be safely stripped with no dulling.   For more information about the Recover Process, visit Paint & Powder Stripping – Reject & Salvage Stripping.

Recover Stripping.jpg

Iron Sand Casting Cleaning – Kolene Kastech Electrolytic


The de facto standard for ultimate casting cleanliness, our Kastech Electrolytic process can safely remove scale, sand, and even graphite from the surfaces of cast iron components.  Internal passages are as easily cleaned as exterior surfaces.   Also specified as Kolene No. 4 Electrolytic, it is ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic components.  Components that will be brazed or babbitted also benefit from Kastech Electrolytic processing with superior bond strengths. Click here for additional Casting Cleaning – Cast Iron / Sand process information.


Aluminum Investment Casting Cleaning – Kolene Kastech AL750  


Kastech AL750 is ideal for leaching residual silica investment from aluminum castings.  After knock-out and mechanical cleaning, AL750 can easily digest the silica from internal passages or blind areas where mechanical methods cannot reach.  For more information, visit Casting Cleaning – Aluminum Investment.


Ferrous Investment Casting Cleaning – Kolene Kastech Molten Salts  

Kolene offers cleaning services for ferrous and select non-ferrous investment castings.  After mechanical pre-cleaning, molten salt leeching provides rapid and thorough removal of residual shell and coring.  Our processes are effective on most silica containing shell and core compositions and are equally effective for cleaning castings and risers, gating, etc. in preparation for alloy reclamation. For more information, visit Casting Cleaning – Investment.


Commercial Casting Cleaning Locations


Kolene Corporation

Address:  12890 Westwood Street, Detroit, MI  48223
Phone:  313-273-9220 or 1-800-521-4182
Fax:  313-273-5207
Contact:  David Carmany
Processes:  Iron Sand Casting Cleaning; Aluminum Investment Casting Cleaning; Ferrous Investment Casting Cleaning.


Quality Surface Processing

Address:  1070 Pine Street, Schofield, WI  54476
Phone:  715-297-1236
Fax:  715-241-9474
Contact:  Paul Hendon
Process:  Ferrous Investment Casting Cleaning

Commercial Paint Stripping Locations


Kolene Corporation

Address:  12890 Westwood Street, Detroit, MI  48223
Phone:  313-273-9220 or 1-800-521-4182
Fax:  313-273-5207
Contact:  David Carmany
Process:  Recover Paint Stripping