dreamstime_xs_19043425_aluminuninvestmetn.jpgKolene Corporation offers investment casting manufacturers cost-effective, high-performance methods for cleaning both ferrous and select non-ferrous castings, including aluminum.

Kolene® Kastech® systems are used most efficiently with preliminary mechanical shell-removal processes such as water-blast or shot-blast, which eliminate the bulk of the shell and core.  Subsequent immersion into the molten salt bath quickly removes any residual shell and ceramic material.  The processes are equally effective in removing shell and core residues from risers and gating in preparation for remelt and alloy reclamation.



Process benefits of Kolene Kastech include:

  • 100% removal of investment shell and silica-based coring
  • 100% cleaning of intricate, deep internal passages
  • removal of surface scales and oxides
  • no harm to substrate material or dimensional integrity
  • fast and efficient cleaning cycles
  • OSHA and EPA compliant equipment and chemistries

Kolene also offers select casting cleaning services at our Detroit headquarters.  For more information, please visit Commercial Processing.